Lopag strongpoints

our basic outlook is characterized by conscious responsibility, obligation and commitment to our customers, staff and owners. 

we are a team in which everyone contributes individual know-how and personal experience towards a common solution.

we can take decisions and we don’t waste time.

our work – in form and content – in the team and for clients is characterized by excellence.

Curious & creative
curiosity and frankness are the creative strongpoints in our search for solutions. 


Individual. Proactive. Sustainable.

Lopag was founded in 1989 and is a family-run, non-captive financial services company. As a service provider in the trusteeship sector, we prepare individual, proactive and sustainable solutions in the areas of asset structuring, asset protection and succession planning.

Our team possesses the appropriate know-how and has many years of international experience (Europe and Asia) in the financial services sector and in industry.

Size-related. Practical. Right for everyday life.

Implementing standardized risk management solutions is simple but seldom really effective.  Lopag is your service provider  for target-based balance-sheet risk management. Together with the client, we prepare solutions based on a clearly formulated appreciation of the risk. We make use of our international Treasury experience over many years to develop and put into effect size-related and practical tools and procedures that prove their value in an everyday environment.


Know-how. Capital. Entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurial investment is a Lopag business area. We advance the company with  our joint efforts, create real values and participate in its success. 

We provide capital and know-how for accessing new markets or expanding the product range.

Our target groups are small and medium-sized enterprises in the Rhine Valley and Lake Constance region. As a rule, we seek minority participations and contribute our resources directly in the form of equity.

Continuity. Boldness. Entrepreneurial Vision.

The Lopag story is the history of the entrepreneurial Oehri family. The Lopag foundation stone was laid in 1989 by Louis Oehri at Ruggell in Liechtenstein. Entrepreneurial ideas, sound craftsmanship, an international outlook and long-lasting client relationships continue to characterise Lopag.  

Lopag has been managed in the second generation since 2013 by daughter Ann Näff-Oehri and the two sons-in-law Dominik Näff and Roman Eggenberger. They contribute a wealth of international experience and well-founded know-how from the trust, banking, industrial and health areas. Today, Lopag is a diversified financial service provider with its own style in the trust, risk and investment sectors.

Over the course of decades, the entrepreneurial Oehri family and its team have succeeded in shaping a family enterprise with international experience in the finance and real economies thanks to boldness, continuity and an entrepreneurial vision.


Lopag Trust reg.
Industriering 14
P.O. Box 335
LI-9491 Ruggell 

T +423 377 36 36 
F +423 377 36 37